I specialize in estate, gift, business succession and asset protection planning for successful business owners and affluent families. Generally, I am referred into engagements by the client’s other advisors, typically the client’s existing estate planning or business counsel; the client’s accountants; or the client’s financial advisors. My engagement is usually limited to the design and implementation of a highly customized overall estate plan, designed in collaboration with the client’s other advisors, to achieve the client’s planning objectives.

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The plans below were developed to assist actual clients achieve their estate planning objectives:


Client, an 87 year-old widow, owned a 300 acre ranch that had been in the family for 3 generations plus additional assets for a total estate of $4.5MM, with an estate tax exposure of over $2MM. She had done no prior estate planning. We recommended she implement a fully funded revocable living trust, a family […]


Client, widowed at age 94 by the accidental death of her 95 year old husband had an estate of over $15MM, all in marketable securities. The couple had a revocable living trust in place, but had done no other planning. Once her husband’s credit shelter trust was funded, the remaining estate was held in her […]


Clients are long-time business owners, in their 70’s with an estate of $3.4MM. They have three adult children and three grandchildren. They had a 10 year old living trust and life insurance not held in an ILIT. They wanted to start transferring the family business to their children so they could retire. Their estate tax […]